Diabetes Friendly App

Info: An Application for Diabetes patients which will let them order for sugar free food @ baban hassan diabetes friendly fast food joint.

Developed For: Android Application

Owner/Organization: Baban Hassan Inc.

Detailed Description:

This is First of it's kind! This application targets all who are diabetic and wishes to make life better for themselves. Baba hassan is a group who believes there is no difference in how we live our life with or without natural or synthetic sugar hence this application to help synchronize the way we handle our diet. 

Diabetes Friendly is an application built on android platform and also interfaced on a web view to get to people who are diabetic. This category of people can place orders on the platform irrespective of their geographical location. These orders will be received and delivered to them within the shortest possible time.

Diabetic Friendly can also serve those individuals who are not diabetic with normal food item of their choices.